RSVP by B is your Hudson Valley Wedding Coordinator

Congratulations! You and your sweetheart are engaged!


Do you have a vision of the perfect wedding? Planning a wedding requires countless hours working on the details, making decisions, and adding every little meaningful touch. After so much effort, you may ask yourself, “Who will make sure everything goes according to plan?”


At RSVP by B, that's exactly what we do for you.


We will make sure that your vision becomes reality. We will help plan your wedding to your heart’s desire. Your wish is our command! As Wedding Coordinators, we’re there to make it happen.


Our goal is to acquire in advance as much knowledge as we possibly can about your wants, needs, details, logistics, budget, and dreams for the day. We will become the main liaison with all the vendors. We are your voice when a question arises and will always have your best interest at heart in all decision-making. It is our mission to put out fires before they even happen. It’s our duty to ensure that your vision is implemented properly and managed the entire day—so you can focus on being the Happy Couple!


Our philosophy is that it’s about a joyous and memorable experience you will share with those you most care about. Your wedding isn't just an eight-hour event. It isn’t just the ceremony or even just the reception. It’s the entire wonderful package. It’s important to us that each couple, their family, and their friends are all able to relax and enjoy each other’s company and the festivities throughout the entire day… from the beginning until the end!


At RSVP by B, we are there for you so that you are there for your guests.



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