RSVP by B is your Hudson Valley Wedding Coordinator

We have the vision of the perfect wedding. When planning your wedding, you spend countless hours on the details, decisions, and every meaningful touch. After so much intention and effort, the question becomes, "Who will make sure everything goes according to plan?" At RSVP by B, that's exactly what we do for you. We will make sure your vision becomes reality and plan your wedding to your heart's desire. Your wish is our command! 


As Wedding Coordinators, we're there to make it happen. Our goal is to have as much knowledge as we possibly can about your details, logistics, and dreams for the day. We are the main liaison with all the vendors. We are your voice when a question arises and have your best interest at heart in all decision making. We put out fires before they even happen. It's our duty to ensure your vision is implemented and managed the entire day so you don't have to! For us, it's about an experience. Your wedding isn't just 8 hours long. It isn't just the ceremony or just the reception. It's important to us that each couple, their family, and their friends are all able to relax and enjoy the entire day from the beginning to end!


Our services are designed to afford you the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy every precious moment of your special day. It is a luxury every couple should afford themselves, so they can be worry-free, relaxed, and totally in the moment during this most cherished occasion!



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